Footgel Technology


Termocrep-Gel® tested by the Institute of
Biomechanics of the University of Valencia,
developed by our company since 1997.

Footgel uses a patented sequential cushioning design whose architecture allows for shock absorption when walking or running, reducing pressure on joints and neutralizing the chain of impacts:
FOOT – KNEE – HIP – LUMBAR, offering a feeling of well-being and maximum comfort.

Increased comfort with our certified technology


Our unique and exclusive technology is like two insoles in one. It not only offers extreme shock absorption by “Termocrep-Gel” but also comfort offered by its high density technical foam and the extraordinary characteristics of the “Tecnion” fabric. Footgel Pickleball insoles are designed to distribute the weight of the foot evenly, which helps reducing pressure on the joints and relieve pain associated with injuries. 


Three-layer Structure



Latest generation 100% breathable microfiber. Neutralizes germs. Antibacterial. Anti-allergic. Washable. Thermoregulator. Free of Chromium 6. Ecological, manufacturing free of CO2 emissions.


High-density foam (180kg/m3), open cell that keeps feet dry and ventilated. With antibacterial treatment to neutralize germs that cause bad odor and 100% breathable. And without forgetting its C02pure treatment, our small contribution to the conservation of the planet.

GEL: Termocrep-Gel ®

High degree of recovery. High degree of elongation. High degree of elasticity. High degree of cushioning. Sequential shock absorption. Long durability without loss of properties. Not toxic. 100% recyclable. Breathable and with aromatic essences of Aloe Vera, Orange or Eucalyptus incorporated into the gel’s own composition.

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